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Schubert’s Winterreise is arguably regarded as the pinnacle of the lieder repertoire. This cycle of 24 songs traces the journey of a young man, rejected by his sweetheart in favour of a rich suitor, as he passes through a winter landscape. The winter scene which mirrors his despair, longings and changing emotions.

These songs warrant a lifetime’s study and performance, and are ideal songs to develop vocal technique, and textual interpretation.  A new addition to the classicalfakebook format is the addition of English word for word translations within the score to help the student understand the German text in detail. Prose translations are provided at the bottom of each page.

Winterreise is presented in four volumes in High(original), Medium, Low, and Very Low keys to cater for all voice types.

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Title High keys Medium Keys Low keys Very low keys
1 Gute Nacht D min C min Bb min A min
2 Die Wetterfahne A min G min F min D min
3 Gefrorne Tränen F min D min C min B min
4 Erstarrung C min Bb min A min A min
5 Der Lindenbaum E D C# C
6 Wasserflut E min C# min C min B min
7 Auf dem Flusse E min C min C min A min
8 Rückblick G min F min E min D min
9 Irrlicht B min A min G min F min
10 Rast C min B min A min G min
11 Frühlingstraum A G# G F
12 Einsamkeit B min Bb min A min G min
13 Die Post Eb B Bb G
14 Die Greise Kopf C min B min Bb min A min
15 Die Krähe C min Bb min A min G min
16 Letzte Hoffnung Eb D C Bb
17 Im Dorfe D C B Bb
18 Der stürmische Morgen D min C# min C min B min
19 Täuschung A Ab G F
20 Der Wegweiser G min e min Eb min D min
21 Das Wirthaus F E Eb D
22 Mut G min F min Eb min D min
23 Die Nebensonnen A G A F
24 Der Leiermann A min G# min G min F min

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High keys (original), Medium keys, Low keys, Very Low keys