Features of the books

Pop and music theatre sheet music often have chords written in – why not Classical music?
It makes it easier to sight read, or to play a basic accompaniment for a voice or instrument, particularly in learning or teaching situation.

Classical Fake Books are a great way for you to unlock your piano playing potential.

The series launches with a set of Opera Arias for each of the voice types.
Each book contains:

A wide range of Arias

A wide range of opera arias including pieces suitable for exams, popular audition arias, some rarer works, and more advanced arias for those who want to stretch themselves.

Chords used

Full versions of the arias

Full versions of the arias with written piano accompaniment with the essential chord symbols. Great for giving a basic rendition of the piano part, or even aiding you to sight read the piece.

fake book versions

'Fake' book versions

‘Fake book’ versions of each aria. Just the vocal line is given, with the chords and important cues.  These versions are succinct and easy to read and been arranged in the book to have minimal page turns.

Easy to read

Laid out for ease of reading, with the vocal line barred so that the rhythm is easy to see.

Easy page turns

The book is in a good quality user friendly coil bound version, which lays flat on the music stand, and helps avoid those awkward page turns!